Do you see weeds or wishes?


Life is all about perspective. I choose 100 wishes.
See the beauty in the most mundane things. 
It really can make a difference in how you see life in general! 
Have a great, Friday! 

The Missing Piece


For many, finding the missing piece to what they are yearning is often hard to locate. The problem is often than not that the missing piece is not usually a physical item, but rather an emotional element. You must first determine are you missing the piece or the peace.

Learning about oneself as an individual rather than as who you think you are expected to be, can and will teach you a lot about yourself. It is very common for people to follow certain paths and make certain decisions based on encouragement of their family and friends and as crazy as it may sound, if we were to ask the majority of these types of people what they really want out of life, 9 times out of 10 they wouldn’t have a clue how to respond.

Many would give the answer that they always grew up focusing on this or that because that’s what their parents instilled in them. Don’t get me wrong, I think encouragement and suggestions from family and friends are great, but I also feel no one should lose their own personal dreams in the process.

I understand that this is just the way it is in many cultures and I live by the rule: to each is own, but I find it sad that one would feel obligated to give up their personal dream if it isn’t accepted by their family or friends.

Finding the missing piece will take for the person to stand up and say that it is time for them to follow their heart. I don’t know what I would have done had my parents forced me to become something they wanted me to become regardless of what I thought about the career or decision.

Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. Maybe I would have a lot more money right now. Hey, there has to be a positive to this type of decision making from parents to children since it has existed way before we were even created, right?

Finding the missing piece should be an exercised plan when people are unhappy and who knows, maybe those feeling pressured to adhere to family pressures will actually find a job, life, or change that suits them well and they can finally feel and learn the true meaning of what it is to be content with life to the fullest extent by their own choice, not by being forced.

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The Best of Me


I’m tarnished, bruised, even a little shattered, but I’m giving you my best.
In my darkest moments and brightest times, I think first of all you mean to me and how I can return the force of love in the same magnitude, because you deserve that much.

My arms reach around your body and I become more than I’ve ever been as a person with each hug that we share. You build me up, give me pride, and make me feel like I can conquer everything and anything that comes my way. I’ll always give you the best of me.

My heart beats, my spirit soars, my soul smiles, and my mind races, all at the speed of light when it comes to you. I have made you my main priority, the reason I breathe, love, exist, and fight. It is all because of you.

I’ll always give you the best of me because you choose me out of billions of other women to be your mommy and because of you I am proud to be me.

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Confession of a Sinning Child


I’ve tried as hard as I could. Always putting others first. Always thinking of how my actions will affect others, yet still I find myself at a crossroad.
I have searched for new ways of handling situations, new answers to the mind boggling questions, but still NOTHING. I have prayed with all of my might. I have tried not to ask why, but what do I really know about your way of life?

I attended Catholic school when I was 15 and I remember pretending that I knew the prayers and hymns when everyone else actually did. Was this wrong of me? Is this why I’ve had problems in my adult life? Nah, probably not. I don’t know it just bothers me now that I’m older.

I’m sorry. I feel like we have a good relationship, even though after all of these years I still don’t know any prayers or hymns and don’t attend church. The most I can repeat with ease is the Our Father and a little bit of Hail Mary. Don’t count on me for anything else to be recited with much confidence when it comes to your book. I really am just being honest.

I do curse a lot and well I know I can be nicer to others, but I guess I still have a lot I still need to work on. I’m a work in progress. You know this.

At least I don’t do drugs, though I do drink every now and then, and I don’t break laws. I guess this isn’t really making a difference.

I know you love me, even though I am one of your sinning children, but God, I’m coming to you because I can’t handle any more. I’m overwhelmed. I’m feeling stuck and have nowhere to turn, but to YOU.
You’ve always been the one to listen no matter how busy you may be. You always make time for me.

What do I do now?

I really screwed up. People wonder why I don’t have a career in law enforcement since I have a college degree in the field, and I give all types of excuses, but the truth is, I’ve been red flagged and I’m guilty by association.

I have kids that I want to give the world to, but thanks to my past decisions, I now have to do so by freelancing and working menial jobs. I teach them to always have faith, but let’s be real, faith doesn’t pay the bills nor does it put food on the table. How much more until I get a break?

Maybe you are tired of hearing me when I pray, but I ask for guidance for the sake of my kids. Bring me to the light to ease my troubled mind. I’m really not that bad. I’m just tired.

Tired of being tired.
Tired of being broke.
Tired of trying to make things better and getting nowhere.
Tired of paying for something I had nothing to do with.
I’m simply guilty by association and have been sentenced to a life of punishment.
I’m tired of everything.

All I can say at the end of every day is tomorrow is another day.
Time for me to put my big girl panties on, suck up the tears, and tell all of the hardships to step the hell away from my circle, because there is no time for wimps in this fight!

There’s only room for warriors that won’t give in to any ill ways, yup, I’m a warrior!

So with that being said, I know others know the truth and those that don’t, now they will.
Thanks for listening.
Time to keep it moving until I am unable to move.
I’m in it to win it!

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The Masked Heart


My heart whimpers quietly as my soul attempts to force the tears back.
It simultaneously syncs with the thoughts in my mind and a blast of overwhelming frustration begins to overflow through the ventricle in place meant to safeguard it from hurt.

The treasures it once knew has dissipitated as it runs screaming with fear through the veins that connects it to the coronary sac. Confusion sets in. How can a seal of protection slowly bust and let in the traveling serpent to suck away all happiness invading my body?

I want to scream; scream one of those loud screams that can crack and shatter crystal glasses lined up on a table as they glisten in the natural light. But, this will only lead to additional physical breakdowns.

I’ve reached my point of clarity. I inhale and exhale. This is just one day in my life. I’ll get through.

Tomorrow is another day.
Another chance to start anew.

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Maintain Your Plan


Plan it, Work for it, Live it! 
No one can write your destiny. 
You are the creative director and final doer!

Those Three Words


Laugh like you are happier than you have ever been in your life.
Take in the moments, embrace the joy, and savor the enjoyment that life has to offer.

Love like you have never been heartbroken.
With no boundaries, no worries, and no hesitation; just as you would have, had you never experienced the feeling of being hurt before.

Live like it’s your last day alive.
Breathe in the air, cuddle the warmth of the sun, and soak in the feeling of being alive, for there are so many who won’t have this chance after today.

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