When It Matters Most

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You have watched as I cried, laughed, screamed, and desperately tried to disappear from life as I know it, but you have always stayed.

You have comforted me, praised me, taught me, and encouraged me, even when I lost all hope within myself.

You have wanted to pick me up, whisk me away, and create a utopia that I could not resist, even when I seen nothing but anguish standing before me.

You never gave up. You never gave in. You never lost faith.

You have always been the one right by my side when it matters most and never once have you said that I owe you for all that you do.

This is why I love you!

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Blogging 101: Dream Reader

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Pick yourself up! You don’t have to dwell on your sorrows forever. I know, you are your worst critic. Learn from your mistakes. Take it like a champion. Lessons in life aren’t given to punish you. They are given so that you can learn and then teach. You must be teachable to move forward.

Look into the mirror. Can you see your reflection? Sometimes that person is looking back at you with sadness in her eyes because she is disappointed in you, it’s true. Not because she’s upset, but because she never loses hope. She is your greatest supporter, your biggest fan. She just wants you to be happy, feel complete, and live life to the fullest!

Remember, it is you and her together until the end. She is your best friend. She knows you better than anyone walking this earth. She is the one that goes through everything right by your side, holding your hand. The one that will still believe in you no matter how many times you fail.

Every now and then just stop and step in front of the mirror. Look at her and realize that she will always have your back.

Learn to be happy for the both of you.

You deserve happiness as much as everyone else!

Writing 101: Serially Lost (Part 1) – First There Were Two

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Source: Pixabay

I can remember how the sun was shining that morning. The clouds were so clear, it appeared as though the sky was almost transparent. The birds were chirping outside, as the alarm clock began to buzz. I had exactly sixty minutes to get everything together.

I stumbled out of bed, woke you up, and as you yawned and stretched, your little arms reached towards me, with your eyes bright and wide, you shrieked the loudest “Good Morning!” I ever heard come out of your small pouty mouth. I smiled, you smiled, and off we went to towards the bathroom to brush our teeth.

“La, la, la! We’re going to the doctors”, you began to sing in a soft tone in between your attempts of gargling water and washing your face. I couldn’t help but stare at you in amazement as you stood standing on the plastic stool that added to your height,so that you could reach the sink with ease.

You always were such an easy going child. Always so jubilant, free, and full of life. I don’t know what universal force honestly believed that I was deserving enough to be blessed with you as my first child, but whoever or whatever thought I was, I thank them with all of my heart because when I gave birth to you, you changed my world, my life, and my soul. You gave me a reason to live.

You had no idea how much our lives together would change after this appointment, but worst of all, I had no idea how I was going to be able to help you understand how to deal with the loss we were about to experience when you barely understood the basics of life. You were only two years old.

Blogging 101: Free Writing – Through the Eyes of Her Daddy

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Source: Pixabay

She remembers how he used to walk as though he was the ruler of the house. Masculine and dominantly as he roamed through every room. Strong and confident he would step forward, with his head held high, always strutting like a champion.

She didn’t know his full story, just what was shared over the years, but one thing was for sure, she admired him. As she got older, she would watch him even closer. Memorizing his mannerisms, mimicking his tone of voice, and listening every time he spoke, as if he was a heavenly God that should be praised.

She learned of the negatives and positives that made him human. She learned of the sacrifices and risks that were taken by him to ensure her future would be stable, but never, not once did she think he would one day leave her side forever. No way! Not her daddy. But, he did, and not he or she could control his disappearance.

He laid there almost completely lifeless. Right there in the same house that he bought that was supposed to be the stepping stone to a new beginning for the family. He was no longer the tough guy she always considered him to be. Now he was her dying daddy.

Life was being sucked right out of him,faster than what he could have imagined, and there was nothing anyone could do to save him. All of the memories she shared with him rushed through her mind. Oh, how she wished they had more time. It just was not possible.

Through the eyes of her daddy she began to see the world. The craziness, the hardships, the sadness, and the anguish. She never forgot about the goodness though. She never forgot about the kindness, the awareness, or the realness that life had taught her in her young years of existence.

He left Thanksgiving Day to never return back, but she never stopped seeing life as she witnessed it through his eyes.

Those are the eyes that still guide her today, and the ones that will guide her until she departs; for life through her daddy’s eyes is the only life she knows. The eyes that will never get a chance to see how much she has grown.

Writing 101: Commit to a Writing Practice

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Source: Pixabay

Today’s task is to write about the three most important songs in my life and tell what they mean to me.

“Dance with my Father”- Luther Vandross

- This song reminds me of my dad. He died when I was 11 years old. He was the first person I ever danced with. He taught me how to dance salsa and merengue as a little girl, and though these are popular and traditional dances in the Puerto Rican culture, when I hear this song, this is the first memory that pops into my head. I have suffered tremendously since my dad died, but this song always manages to renew my spirit and makes me feel better when the going gets too tough for me to deal with.

I treasure the moments I used to dance with my dad and I know when we meet again we will dance on the clouds high above the ground as the angels play music in the background.

“A Song for Mama” – Boyz II Men

- As the title states, it is a song that I have dedicated to my mom. The past almost 23 years that my dad has been gone, she has been the backbone of our family. She raised me and my siblings as a single mother after my dad’s passing, never once turning her back on us, or giving up, even when it felt like the walls were caving in on us. She based her entire purpose of living on all 6 of us kids (now adults with our own kids), without hesitation.

It feels like we have survived the harshest and coldest wars, but all the while, Mama Mia, as I call her, took charge and never allowed for any circumstance to defeat us. She is the reason we have remained a family unit and why we haven’t gotten lost along our journey in life. We are who we are today because of her. She is our personal Guardian Angel on earth and we are more than proud and honored to say she is our mom!

“Diamond” – Rihanna

- This song must have came on the radio 16,000,000,000 times when my family was traveling from Florida to Pennsylvania in November of 2012. I had no idea who the singer was, but for some reason every time it came on the radio, I would listen to it with such an intense focus. I found out it was Rihanna singing about an hour into the drive by checking Google. By this time I had the song completely memorized, since it played hundreds of times already. I loved the lyrics from the jump!

Well, only 4 hours into our trip, I received the most devastating news! My mom called to say that my oldest sister had passed away from cancer. The purpose of our trip was to go see my sister in the hospital and all 12 of us, packed in a huge rental van really thought we would make it to my sister’s bedside in time, but we didn’t. We were too late. Since that day, every time I hear this song, I think of my sister. I think of the very second at 4:06AM on November 6,2012 that I received that phone call from my mom telling me that my sister was gone, and I remember how my heart felt like it had exploded into a zillion pieces; broken beyond repair.

Writing 101: A Room with a View

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Source: Pixabay

The lights are bright, I can feel my eyes burning from the illumination off the walls. The scent of sanitized surroundings are causing my nostrils to become inflamed; the ticking sound of the clock is rattling my brain, as the little hand slowly moves towards the number seven digit.

The curtains have finally been opened. Someone must have thought a little sunshine wouldn’t hurt as I laid sleeping. I can hear some ruffling outside of the window. It must be the white birds that were perched on the still earlier. Someone is screaming, the agonizing shrieks are creeping through the walls, but the sound is not too close. They must be coming from down the hall.

I’ve been here for hours, close to ten. Machines have been beeping nonstop. The pressure is becoming stronger. It’s almost time, I know, I can feel it! There goes the white birds again. One just hit the window as it was fluttering its wings. White birds are a good sign, right? That’s what I was told. The air conditioner must be set low. I’m starting to feel cold.

Oh no, wait! My temperature is starting to rise now. I think it’s really time. And just like that, in that cold room smelling of antiseptics and sanitizer, with the picturesque window to the left of me, as I laid on that bed with lumpy sheets and itchy pillow case, as the illumination from the lights continued to burn my eyes, on a hot summer evening in Tampa, Florida, at 6:58 pm, I gave birth to my youngest son.

Blogging 101: Title and Tagline

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I chose not to edit my title or tagline. I originally created it back in January 2014 when after I had initially titled my blog “An Opinionated Female” and also “She Keeps It Real,” but found there were similar titles already chosen across the blogosphere. I didn’t want to have a similar name because I knew any type of followers I would get would probably end up straying to the other sites unknowingly, mistakenly thinking it was my home on the net. So, I went on a hunt within my soul and POW! I figured it out!

    Never.Too.Broken was born.


Though I will admit I am very opinionated at times, I feel much of what I have experienced in life has shattered my soul into pieces that have been difficult to piece back together, it just made perfect sense to create the title that I did. I will NEVER be too broken to keep moving forward along the journey I’m on.

I go by “She” instead of my given birth name the majority of the time when i write because I feel it is better to not be divided by a personal birth name and we all as people should make an imprint as individuals. I’m a female writer and really wanted to make an impression without the hoopla over a creative moniker. And to be honest, creativity is not my greatest strong point.


It describes and decodes who I am and how I see life in a few sentences. Though I am sometimes thankful more days than others for being alive, and I know life could be so much more worse than what it is, it doesn’t take away from the fact that my life always feels like it is in an uproar, twisted up with craziness and beauty combined, and ultimately, as long as the world can see it through my eyes, I find some peace and acceptance with the circus of emotions I live in.

I am a writing warrior fighting my way through my thoughts, my works and my life. That basically really sums it up.

So, what do you think?
Is my title and tagline too long? Boring? Needs to be edited?
I personally love it! ♥